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What's The Best Website For Exploring The Dark Web
A dark web is a website that isn’t found through search engines. The "dark web" is often referred to as a place where crime thrives. Thomas Rid, from King's College London, as well as Daniel Moore of King's College assessed 2,723 pages of websites during a period of five weeks in 2015 and discovered that 57 percent contained illegal content. A study conducted by Dr. Michael McGuires of the University of Surrey in 2019, Into the Web of Profit The study shows that the situation has become more dire. Since 2016 20 percent more websites on the dark web could harm enterprises than in 2016. 60% of all internet listings (excluding the ones that offer drugs) can harm the business. It is possible to purchase credit cards numbers, fake cash and guns, drugs, stolen subscription credentials and software that lets you hack into other people's computers. Login credentials to a Bank of America account for $50,000, fake $20 bills and pre-paid debit cards, or a premium Netflix account for a "lifetime" subscription. You can hire hackers who can hack your computer. You can purchase usernames and passwords. It's not all illegal, and the dark web also offers a legitimate element. One example is joining a BlackBook or Chess Club, a social network that has been dubbed "the Facebook for Tor".

Deep Web vs. Dark Web vs.?
Sometimes the phrases "deep Web" and "darkweb" are used in conjunction. However, they are distinct. Deep web refers only to the internet content that is not indexable by Google. Any content that is protected by a sign-in password or behind a paywall is classified as deep web content. Also, it includes content that the owner has blocked crawlers from indexing. Medical records, content that is fee-based, membership websites, and confidential corporate websites are but a few examples of what makes up the web's deep. According to estimates, the depth web is comprised of between 96% and 99 percent of the internet. A small portion of the web can be accessed using a standard browser. This is often referred to as the "clear Web". Dark web is a subset that of the deep web is intentionally kept secret. It needs a specific browser, Tor--to access. The dark web's size isn't known, but it is believed to account for around 5% of all internet traffic. Contrary to its name the dark web does not contain all of the illicit content.


Dark web browser
It's easy to get around the dark web with all of this information. However, it's not. The web is messy and chaotic, as one would imagine. Many people attempt to defraud others. Tor, an anonymizing browser is required to browse the dark web. The Tor browser routes your pages through a series of proxy servers run by thousands of volunteers around the globe, rendering your IP address unidentifiable and untraceable. Tor is a magic tool, however the result is erratic, slow, and not reliable. The dark web is a great opportunity to explore the dark side of our existence, when you're willing to bear the hassle. Have a look a this hidden wiki for tips.

Dark Web Search Engine
Even though there are dark web search engines today, it is difficult even for the best of them to keep pace with the changing landscape. It's reminiscent of using the internet in the latter part of the 1990s. Grams is one of Google's most effective search engines frequently returns results that appear unrelated and irrelevant to the query. The Hidden Wiki has a link list, but even indexes provide frustratingly long timed-out connections, as well as 404 errors.


Dark Web Sites
Sites on the dark web appear similar to other websites however, there are some significant differences. One of the most notable is the structure of the name. Dark web pages do not end Instead, they end in.onion. Wikipedia describes it as a "special-use top level domain suffix that identifies a hidden service that is accessible through the Tor network." These sites can be accessed via browsers with the correct proxy, but not others. Dark websites also employ a scrambled naming structure which creates URLs that are often impossible to remember. For example, a popular commerce site called Dream Market goes by the unintelligible address of "eajwlvm3z2lcca76.onion." Many dark websites are set up by scammers, who constantly move around to avoid the wrath of their victims. Even sites that have been around for years could disappear suddenly if owners take advantage of it and cash in the escrow money that they are keeping for their customers. Police officers are getting more adept at identifying and prosecuting owners of sites which sell illegal goods and services. A group of cyber-police officers from three nations shut down AlphaBay in the summer of 2017. This was the largest dark web source of contraband. It sent shockwaves across the web. Many sellers just moved on to better opportunities.
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